all the saints children

all the saints children

all the saints children

all the saints children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children

All the Saints Children




Kiboga Mubende Districts
Tel: +256782131604


Kiboga Mubende community and the neighboring districts of Mitiyana and Hoima District



• Manpower,
• Village based organization, b. Community Workers, c. Local Clubs.

• Infrastructure
• Village center for Training.

• Transport
All the Saints Children tours and Travel Van

• Finance
• Collection and donation from friends and community .
• All the Saints Children tours and travel van


To change lives of people mostly children through empowering and facilitating them with basic and educational needs.

Giving hope and changing lives of prisoners for a better life even after prison.


To lead the factor of change in lives of disadvantaged people in the community.



• To eradicate illiteracy and to run post literacy and continuing education program for development through establishments financing education for the needy children, elderly, orphans, prisoners and other complementary activities.

• To empower children with practical skills, to enable them have a self sustaining future, skills like; welding, carpentry, tailoring and computer applications.

• Giving hope to prisoners through frequent visits and seminars.

• Protecting and preserving the rights of prisoners

• Reducing incidence of child mortality and morbidity, reduce dehydration and malnutrition (and to introduce sense) antenatal care, post-Natal care and Immunization services. (Medical Support)

• To improve the welfare of the elderly, through providing them with basic needs and health needs.

• To educate the community as to the concept and philosophy of family planning and its importance for the family, community and society and to create confidence among the people in adopting this practice and to expedite Governmental action for promotion of various measures to meet relevant needs of the people.

• To treat needy patients particularly to destitute women and children, to admit them in the hospital for their treatment and to supply nutritious food for bed patients.

• To arouse adequate consciousness about health and hygiene among villagers.


All the Saints Children support centre is a community based, Non Government, Non political and non- profit making organization, it has a primary goal of fostering change in the lives of needy children, orphans , prisoners and the general community in the named area. Through welfare improvement, education, sanitation, improving standard of living and giving hope through seminars.

All the Saints Children support centre aims at giving hope to the needy, prisoners and the elders in the community; providing education resource to children and prisoners for a better future, the area of Kiboga Mubende being surrounded by mostly the elderly ,widows, youths and poor community we comprehensively help them in areas of health, sanitation, welfare and many other possible ways. The area is characterized with high rate of child labor at a cost of education, with this, there is still a big challenge to change the mindset of the locals.


We started this intervention in remote rural areas of Kiboga and Mubende districts of central regional Uganda where illiteracy is rampant, superstition is supreme and poverty in the accepted fact of their daily livelihood. Its proved that 95% of the population is living under the poverty line. As per 2005 census, many of them have no access to clean water, and clean pit latrines, and tahe available government schools are heavily populated, so that in going to school becomes a waste of time since the ratio of children to teachers who are unhappy because it is a big imbalance.

The region is one of the areas that were badly struck by the vice of HIV leaving very many orphans. About 30% of the total population of children are orphans caused by the vice.

• Orphans:
• Disadvantaged Children (Needy & Poor)
• Prisoners
• And the general community


• Children and orphans project
• Prisoner’s project
• Widower’s project
• Youth project
• Sanitation project
• Medication


The project has been running for 2 years now and its has been able to make a radical change in the lives of different families, children, prisoners and the youthful community in the area served. We have a total of 320 children we are supporting however we can only give school fees to only 70 student and the rest get only scholastics due to organisations inability to fully support the remaining number. We hope to get funding so we can be able finance the need. The organisation is still receiving so many new applications from needy people, but we happen not to afford the demand. We have a target of supporting more than 2000 children in the next two years provided we get the necessary funding.

• Scholastics: The organization has been able to provide scholastics material for over 220 primary pupils and 100 secondary students from various parts of Kiboga and Mubende districts. However any chance of getting more funds will imply more than doubling this number by reaching out to more pupils in the area.

• Medical & Health Support: The organization has been able to provide possible medical support to some children with medical and health support, however getting more funds we hope to increase the number. By providing free medication to the general community and prisoners by carrying out free clinical services in different village community.

• Sanitation, We have discovered that most of the diseases affecting the children and the general community is caused by lack of access to clean water, poor hygiene, and therefore we would like to start constructing bore holes in schools and villages, with this we will be able to solve the vice. The organisation will also build toilets for schools and community centers. The organisation also sensitizes the community about boiling drinking water.

• School fees: the organization has been financing school fees for over 70 secondary school students in the area; we hope to increase this number since this number is not significant depending to the number in need of the service.

• Welfare & Basic needs: We are currently not in a position to avail basic needs to the needy, say blankets, mosquito nets, mattresses, sanitary pads, and other basic needs.

• Widows, the organization supports widows through financing and monitoring self sustenance projects like poultry and farming and giving them hope because the majority are suffering from HIV|AIDS

• Youth, the project will support youth through empowering them with the technical skills, like carpentry, welding, hair braiding and etc, There has been a great deal of youth involved in theft cases, idle and disorderly and other vices. Therefore, we found it vital to give a hand.

Project Personnel:

The project is currently having three volunteers with the project directed included. These include:
• Mutumba Procopios Director & Founder (Field Officer)
• Ntege George Accountant & casher (Field Officer)
• Nviri David Medical Personnel (Field Officer)

The project will however need more two volunteers due the increasing number of the beneficiaries. These will fill positions of secretary, monitoring, and evaluation officer.











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